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Wedding Day

Merging finances after getting married

Couples can spend months or even years planning their weddings. While planning a wedding requires lots of hard work, couples may also want...

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‘I do,’ take two: Guide to a second marriage

Couples are returning to the altar in increasing numbers, as second and third weddings are becoming ever more popular. Pew Research Center...

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Different roles for the father of the bride

Popular movies and televisions shows give the impression that the job of the father of the bride in a wedding is ultimately about making...

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Determining wedding day dress codes

Wedding invitations do more than merely announce that a celebration is on the horizon. Invitations provide key information about the...

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Tips for a special mother/son dance

Weddings celebrate the unions of happy couples ready to pledge their lives to each other. In theory, the wedding day spotlight should be...

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Successful toasts help shape social events

A toast is a drink raised in the health or honor of someone. Such salutes are typically accompanied by some heartfelt words or tokens of...

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Treat guests to personalized vows

Couples who choose to write their own wedding vows recognize how special such personal gestures are. Writing one's own vows can impart a...

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Did you know?

According to the 2015 Real Weddings Study from the premier multiplatform wedding resource The Knot, the most popular month for couples to...

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