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Wedding Mix

Make proposals special and successful

A marriage proposals is a couple's first official step toward the altar. Tradition dictates that men pop the question, with their surprised...

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Weddings and nontraditional families

Families come in all shapes and sizes. During special events — particularly those steeped in tradition, such as weddings — blended...

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Stunning engagement ring alternatives

White diamonds have been the traditional engagement ring stones for decades. While shoppers have experimented with gold, silver, platinum,...

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Make every anniversary count

Wedding anniversaries provide opportunities for couples to reflect and relive the excitement of their wedding days. Anniversaries can...

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7 ways to recycle a wedding gown

When planning their weddings, many brides-to-be devote a large portion of their wedding budgets to their wardrobes. Statistics released by...

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Jewelry care and cleaning guidelines

Bridal gowns and tuxedos may get their fair share of attention at weddings, but the subtle details of brides' and grooms' wedding attire...

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Did you know?

Longevity in marriage is something to be celebrated. Couples who reach fiftieth and sixtieth wedding anniversaries often commemorate those...

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