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Master the wedding save-the-date

Many couples' weddings take more than a year to plan. Couples want all of the special people in their lives to witness their vows, and...

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Tips for trimming the wedding guest list

Weddings are a time to celebrate, and many couples hope to invite as many people as possible to share their excitement. A 2014 study by...

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Throw a casual wedding to remember

Elegant, lavish weddings provide moments couples will remember for years to come. But while such storybook ceremonies and receptions remain...

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Selecting a comfortable wedding gown

Many brides-to-be visit bridal shops with specific goals in mind regarding the style of their wedding gowns. Some women come equipped with...

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Incorporate flowers in various ways

Weddings are special moments for couples and the guests they invite to share their happiness on their big days. Beautiful weddings require...

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How guests can cut costs and still attend loved ones’ weddings

Couples and/or their families can expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their weddings before saying "I do," making weddings one...

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Wedding transportation tips

Weddings are momentous events for the couple tying the knot as well as all of the friends and family invited to share in the big...

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